Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Thought on Nice Guys

So, I bet a lot of you have heard nice guys finish last, or girls love bad boys. Lots of 'nice guys' complain about being friend zoned.

Nonsense. I submit to you, the scientific CR community, that these guys aren't nice but weak. Confusable for one another, I know.

You do not be nice and allow others to have their way. You submit to their way for they are stronger. You do not set a line and let it not be crossed. You never lay down the law, or stand up for yourself. Going out of your way to help friends is fine. But always waiting on them hand and foot? Kindness?! Nay! Weakness!

It isn't that girls go for bad guys. Girls go for strong guys who stand up for themselves!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Amusing Names

Me and a friend were in Chickfila, picking up lunch. I was joking on him, which led to him saying things about me under his breath in a harmless, joking, fashion.

'Asshole. Dirtbag. Jackass.'

So I turned to him and said,

'Most of those are accurate depictions of me, but not nice.'

If he had milk in his mouth, it would have came out his nose. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Fifteen Year Journey...

It's been a long fifteen years....but....finally....I learned....

Ash's last name is Ketchum, not Ketchup.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Story Promo - God Eater Ragnarok

A promo to my new story on Crunchyroll. Check it out.~


A long, long time ago, when gods ruled the lands.....

I pledge myself to thee.

There was one who dared defy them.

Take my soul and burn my mind.

A lone warrior. His home, his family, his loved ones....all claimed by the cruel gods.

Consume my flesh and drink my blood.

He who chose to forsake his humanity and lash out at those who would took everything from him .

All I ask of thee.....

The God Eater.....

Devour everything.......



God Eater Ragnarok 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Things that Dance in the Night

I was walking back from a late class to my dorm, and saw a man do a backflip in the air not too far in front of me.

Well, okay.

I kept on walking, closer to my dorm now. There is a parking lot I had to walk through, with a fence taller than a person over to the left. The acrobatic fellow climbed up it, and started walking on it like it was a tight rope.


I stood there and watched him for a few moments, and he kept moving forward without falling.

Weird things happen at night. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Japan's New Recession, and Why I'm Happy About It

So, Japan has now hit it's fifth recession in the past fifteen years, or so I found out earlier today.

This is a good thing for us. With business becoming tighter for companies in Japan, they will seek for new profit opportunities across the sea that before they would refuse. The need for profit in a time of recession will force them to open up to trading with foreigners, which will mean an increase in visual novels, games, anime, manga, light novels....ect. being imported to the West.

I'll go get the champagne!

Phersu, you say, isn't that a bad thing to be happy about?

Well, it's not like me complaining or feeling bad about it will help. Might as well enjoy the silver lining. Plus, you know you felt a little jump of joy when you heard about it. A little voice in the back of your heads saying, 'My favorite series might be translated!'

I'm just honest about my little voice.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Phersu's Language Fluency List

English - Fluent
Tsundere - Fluent
Yandere - Native
Japanese - Basic
Kuudere - Basic
Dandere - Fluent
Eldritch/Cthulhu - Native
Nonsense/Gibberish - Fluent