Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Japan's New Recession, and Why I'm Happy About It

So, Japan has now hit it's fifth recession in the past fifteen years, or so I found out earlier today.

This is a good thing for us. With business becoming tighter for companies in Japan, they will seek for new profit opportunities across the sea that before they would refuse. The need for profit in a time of recession will force them to open up to trading with foreigners, which will mean an increase in visual novels, games, anime, manga, light novels....ect. being imported to the West.

I'll go get the champagne!

Phersu, you say, isn't that a bad thing to be happy about?

Well, it's not like me complaining or feeling bad about it will help. Might as well enjoy the silver lining. Plus, you know you felt a little jump of joy when you heard about it. A little voice in the back of your heads saying, 'My favorite series might be translated!'

I'm just honest about my little voice.

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