Monday, November 17, 2014

Gender Roles in Society, Or Why Men Don't Talk in the Bathroom

We have numerous gender roles in society that we unwittingly conform to or believe in, such as what is acceptable and unacceptable for men and women to do that is fine for the other gender. One thing is how we behave in bathrooms.

Women tend to socialize in bathrooms, conversing with friends and including others in the conversation should they just so happen to be visiting said bathroom at the same time.

Men treat the bathroom like a minefield. You go in, do your business, and go out. If you are talking with a friend on the way to the bathroom, all conversation stops once you hit the door. All eye contact stops. You do not even look at each other. You don't stand next to each other at the stall. One stall must be left empty in between. If you go to a stall next to an already occupied gets awkward.

Really awkward.

Why, I wonder? Any ideas?

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